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About Tourist Italy

We are Tourist Italy, the experts in Italy travel.

We're Italy's passionate travel brand because we do things differently. We believe in travel with passion. In experiences. In using technology to give great service. And in showing Italy as more than just a land of history and religion, but as the land it is. A land full of intense flavors, vibrant sounds, diverse faces, fascinating personalities, incredible nature, and most importantly, unrivaled memories. It's also our home. We live it, we breathe it, and we never stop trying to do better.

Part of the Tourist Journey group, a group of passionate travel brands that's served more than half a million customers around the globe over 15 years, we bring a level of expertise and professionalism to making authentic travel accessible you won't find elsewhere.

Our team are friendly, professional, multi-lingual, Italy experts, available 24/7.

Travel with Passion

That’s the Tourist Italy philosophy. And that’s what sets apart our entire team.

We do things out of passion and a love for what we do. Every tour, package, hotel, or suggestion we offer is carefully considered to provide not only the bucket list sites but a rich cultural experience. We want our guests to feel comfortable with us, from using our website, to the trip, and to be left with great experiences and rich memories.

Our entire team signs our ‘Travel with Passion’ pledge, and must treat each day as if it’s the only day that they are showing off the places they are passionate about. We think of it like theater. You’re in the audience once, and we’ll give you the best show ever.

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A Novel Approach

As part of the Tourist Journey Group, we fuse tourism experience with technology, which means we are able to do things differently. We want to provide visitors to Italy with the best possible experience and work with like-minded individuals throughout – those who share our belief that travel is about more than just ticking a list of boxes, but is a time of discovery, experiences, and personal memories. We develop what we believe should exist, not just what already exists. And we do it in the way we believe it should be done.

Our unparalleled combination of strong technology, expert local knowledge, intricate operational capacity, and experience form the underpinnings of our extensive offerings. We believe that information should be free and experiences should be affordable. As a technological platform and information website website, Tourist Italy proudly presents visitors with an extensive library of free information to make any Italy trip unforgettable. And our proprietary software allows the widest range of tourism products to be booked online, fully transparently, and operated without hassle and mistakes. Beyond this, our customer support team is available 7 days a week.

In everything we do, we strive to offer the best, with local insights, unique angles, and individual memories. Our happy guests and users from all corners of the world are what keep inspiring us to grow and offer more!

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Our Team of Adventurers

The Tourist Family is made up of 50 adventurers from all over the world, who share one core goal: passionate travel.

Our team is multilingual and multicultural, traits that make them an innately strong force.

Our vehicles are modern, our trustworthy drivers are multilingual, and our knowledgeable guides are fully licensed and experienced.

Our goal is to offer one of a kind travel experience that provides travelers with peace of mind, knowing that we have arranged the logistics and transport in order to maximize time spent at the incredible sites this country has to offer.

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Kindness & Compassion

We care about our guests, our team, our partners, and the environment in which we live. Tourist Italy is proud to be an inclusive employer and partner. Our dynamic team proudly speaks over 15 languages and is made up of people from many religions, countries, and areas of society. We work collaboratively and collectively with minority communities in this diverse region and to engage with regional communities on our tours. We use the most modern fuel-efficient vehicles and aim to reduce the use of single use plastics. With the goal of passionate and compassionate travel in mind, Tourist Italy works to continually push the boundaries in Italian tourism.

Why Tourist Italy?

  • Our booking and customer service team is available 7 days a week to advise, help or just chat

  • Our website is secure and we look after all personal details as if they are our own

  • All vehicles are safe, modern, and air conditioned/heated

  • We care (about you)! Really!

  • We have 24/7 support for emergencies

  • All guides have a government license (of course)

  • Our tours are designed to show you the real people and real stories of Italy

  • Tours & packages are best price guaranteed