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The 7 Best Guided Tours of Rome

If you are visiting Rome, Italy, there are so many amazing things to do and even more things to see. For this reason, you are going to want to make sure you reserve the very best guided tours of Rome. There’s a lot to cover in this historic city, so we have included a number of different experiences that will show you the best of the city’s notable sites, delicious foods, and legendary wines. 

Consider what type of Rome experience you are looking for and dive into this curated list of the very best Guided Tours of Rome! If you are stopping by for a quick 48 hours, we have you covered with a jam-packed walking tour of Rome and authentic Italian cooking classes. If you are planning a longer trip, consider joining us on one of our Rome package tours. These will enable you to see the best of Rome as well as other magical Italian cities.

Best One-Day Guided Tour

Highlights of Rome walking tour

This Rome in a Day Small Group Tour: Colosseum, Culture, and Cuisine is perfect for anyone looking to see all the best sites of Rome in one memorable fun-filled day. Accompanied by an expert guide, you’ll cover all the iconic places you’ll want to see in the city including (but not limited to) the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, and the Colosseum. What’s more, you’ll have a chance to immerse yourself in the food and drink scene, with food samples as you go and an evening aperitivo in Trastevere.

Best Rome Food Tour

Rome food tour pizza

If you are going to Rome, you’re probably hoping to eat some of the best meals of your life and learn some cool historical facts. This Ancient Rome & Food tour will not disappoint, as it combines both these goals into one informative and tasty tour. Packed with all of your favorite Italian foods and many of the city’s iconic sites, the tour includes a range of different and delicious bites in the central historic district.

Best Cooking Class in Rome

pizza making class Rome

Our authentic Roman pizza-making experience is not your typical Rome tour. But, there is nothing quite like Italian cuisine. And where better to learn how to make your favorite dishes than in this amazing city! This experience is certain to be one of your favorite Italian nights. The class includes an exciting opening with a talented group of chefs, who will guide your Rome pizza-making tutorial.

Best Wine Tour in Rome

wine tasting countryside borgio tour rome

This lovely wine-tasting experience takes you through the Roman countryside to explore delicious and authentic Italian wines. This culinary experience will showcase a private wine cellar in the village of Borgo. You will also enjoy a delicious range of cheeses and the very best wine tips from our sommeliers. This wine tour is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable afternoon!

Best Tour of the Vatican

Vatican Sistine chapel best guided tours of Rome

For those visiting Rome in the hopes of exploring the Vatican in all of its glory, this is the Vatican tour for you. The experience covers the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Catacombs, and the Sistine Chapel. This historical tour offers the very best guides (including art historians) to walk you through the fascinating ancient city of Rome. Each site is more interesting than the next.

Best Tour of the Colosseum

best guided tours of Rome Colosseum

Don’t just see the Colosseum, explore its ruins and bring its history to life on our Colosseum Arena Tour. Guided by expert archaeologists and storytellers, you will be transported back in time to the ancient city of Rome. Unlike most tours, this trip will let you walk the grounds of the Roman warriors, getting up close to the area where the gladiators fought. Finish off the experience on top of Palatine Hill, taking in the breathtaking, panoramic views of Rome.

Most Comprehensive Rome Tour

rome 4 day tour package highlights best guided tours of Rome

If you’ve got a few days to spare, we recommend our Rome 4-Day Package. This is our most comprehensive tour of this amazing city, including all of the highlights. That includes Vatican City, the Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum, Colosseum, and Piazza Navona. You will also get to experience the very best food tour Rome has to offer. This is an everything-in-one experience, as you will discover the best of Rome through food, history, art, and wine. What’s not to love? 

Roam Rome With Tourist Italy!

We’ve laid it all out for you! So whether you are a foodie, history buff, wine lover, or simply a newbie looking to explore one of the very best cities in the world, this list of the best guided tours of Rome covers all the bases. Still not sure? Check out our entire list of Rome Tours for more details and options.

We know traveling can be overwhelming, so we’ve also summarized the best ways to get to Rome in our airport guide. You can also find accommodation recommendations, and sample itineraries for 2 days in Rome. If you are looking to go beyond Rome, we offer more comprehensive package tours and experiences throughout Italy. Whether you’re heading next to Turin, Naples, or even Verona, make sure to check out our best guided tours there too!

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