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Best Things To Do in Tuscany

Even though Tuscany attracts millions of tourists each year, it remains an unspoiled land abundant with natural beauty. Rolling emerald hills, medieval hilltop villages, lone mansions, vineyards, and fields sprinkled with sunflowers span the verdant landscape. Its natural beauty inspired Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Puccini, and Galileo to create their greatest works. Today, you can experience the magic of Tuscany through a range of activities. Whether you wish to cook Italian-style dishes overlooking cypress trees and patchwork fields, sample local wines, or take a 4 x 4 jeep ride across the hills, these are the top things to do in Tuscany.

Take a Back Road Safari Tour Through Chianti in a 4×4

chianti region

If your idea of the perfect Tuscan holiday is eating and drinking your way through the Chianti region of Italy, join our Taste of Chianti 4×4 Back Road Safari Tour. This allows you to embrace the real Tuscany, not just the tourist areas. You’ll travel through the region in a customized 4×4 vehicle accompanied by a local expert. On route, you’ll stop at a variety of “off the beaten path” family-run locations to sample 9 varieties of Tuscan wine, regionally produced extra virgin olive oil, cheeses, and salumi. After that, it’s time to feast on a traditional Tuscan lunch overlooking the vineyards!

In the afternoon, explore Greve – a charming riverside town in Chianti with medieval churches, triangular piazzas, a Franciscan monastery, and the house of explorer Amerigo Vespucci who discovered America. You’ll return to Florence in the early evening, giving you ample time to relax and head out to explore the city at night.

Join a Balsamic Vinegar ‘Aceto’ Tasting

balsamic tuscany modena

If you’re fascinated not only by food but also by where it comes from and how it is produced, we recommend our Balsamic Vinegar ‘Aceto’ Tasting. On this tour, you’ll learn all about the history and traditions of Italy’s famous “Black Gold”. Delve deep into the techniques used to produce the balsamic vinegar. Then, go behind the scenes for a glimpse of the aging rooms used to facilitate the process. The tour is short, only an hour long, so you have plenty of time to head to a local trattoria afterward.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting & Lunch in a Tuscan Castle

castle montalcino tuscany

If you’re in Tuscany, don’t miss out on the beautiful landscapes of the Brunello area. This romantic location is known for its verdant vineyards and superb wines which can easily rival Napa and Bordeaux blends. Our Brunello Wine Tasting & Lunch adventure begins in a medieval Tuscan castle deep in the heart of Montalcino. On arrival, an expert sommelier will guide you through the different vineyards of Brunello and reveal generations of Tuscan wine-making secrets. You will learn all about the castle’s rich history, and get the opportunity to stroll through vineyards. Then, sit down for a traditional Tuscan lunch of homemade pasta, cold cuts, local cheeses, desserts, and Italian coffee. This unique Tuscan experience is perfect for anyone seeking a unique blend of history, food, and wine.

Take a Tuscany Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class

Pizza making things to do in tuscany

Love Italian food? You’ll adore learning how to make your own pizza and gelato with an expert chef! Venture into the Tuscan countryside to a private estate, where you will learn how to make authentic Tuscan pizza. Every element is covered, from kneading the dough to picking fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden. After completing the cooking challenge, enjoy your delicious pizza with wine or beer before creating your dessert – mouth-watering gelato! For the most comprehensive experience of all that Tuscany and its landscape offers, book our 5 Day Florence & Tuscany Countryside Tour Package.

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Explore the Region’s Artistic Influences

tuscany art architecture artistic influence

Tuscany’s allure extends beyond its physical beauty, inspiring some of the world’s greatest artists like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Puccini, and Galileo. The rolling hills and charming villages have served as a muse throughout history. The art and architecture of Florence, Tuscany’s capital, reflect the profound impact this region had on the Renaissance. Appreciate the intricate details of sculptures, paintings, and historic landmarks, understanding how the landscape shaped the artistic narrative. From masterpieces in the Uffizi Gallery to the quaint streets of small towns, Tuscany’s artistic legacy is integral to the visitor’s experience. Explore these influences on our Florence Walking Tour Without Museums – Architectural Wonders and History, guiding you through the culture-rich streets of Florence.

Experience the Vibrant Local Markets

san lorenzo market tuscany

To immerse yourself in the authentic charm of Tuscany, venture into bustling local markets that dot the region. These vibrant hubs are where locals and visitors gather to experience a lively atmosphere and discover unique products. Stroll through stalls adorned with colorful fruits, vegetables, and locally crafted goods. The San Lorenzo Market in Florence, for instance, is a sensory delight with its array of fresh produce, leather goods, and traditional Tuscan products. Engaging with local vendors offers an opportunity to taste the flavors of Tuscany, connect with the community, and gain insight into the region’s culinary and artisanal traditions. If navigating the bustling market alone seems daunting, consider joining our Florence Food and Aperitivo Tour for an informative and delicious tasting journey through the Storico Mercato Centrale indoor market.

Immerse in Local Traditions and Folklore

italian traditions folklore culture

Tuscany, a haven for breathtaking landscapes, is also a tapestry woven with rich traditions and folklore celebrated in towns like Greve, Siena, and San Gimignano. Experience the historic Palio di Siena, a 17th-century horse race embodying neighborhood zeal. Explore folklore in medieval town squares, where music and dance showcase cultural identity. Gain a deeper understanding of these local cultures on our Tuscany Sunrise, San Gimignano, Lucca, and Pisa Tour from Florence. You’ll witness the Tuscan sunrise and visit iconic towns and cities in a single day with an expert guide. Getting from Florence to Pisa has never been easier!

Family-Friendly Activities

family friendly activities tuscan countryside fruit picking

Tuscany isn’t just for adults; it offers family-friendly activities for all ages. Visit the Boboli Gardens in Florence, a Renaissance garden perfect for family picnics. Family-friendly agriturismos provide opportunities for children to engage with farm animals and experience rustic Tuscan charm. Tailored Tuscan cooking classes offer hands-on experiences for kids to learn pizza and gelato making. Medieval towns like San Gimignano captivate young minds, making Tuscany ideal for families seeking cultural enrichment and outdoor adventures.

Explore Tuscany’s Highlights in a Day

Pisa things to do in tuscany

Even if you are based in Florence, it’s definitely worth venturing out and visiting the Tuscan countryside during your stay. Our Best of Tuscany Day Tour from Florence will whisk you off to see all of Tuscany’s famous features. First, you’re off to the medieval city of Siena. Here, you’ll explore its bustling piazzas, bell tower, and impressive cathedral. Next, enjoy a delightful Tuscan-style lunch in a family-run private estate overlooking the rolling hills. After an informal wine-tasting session, continue to historic San Gimignano and Pisa. Here, delve into local history, sample gelato, and capture memorable photographs by the Leaning Tower!

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