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Italy’s most passionate Destination Management Company (DMC)

Welcome to Tourist Italy, the leading Italy DMC offering unparalleled, passion-infused destination experiences in Italy. As a trusted and experienced Italy Destination Management Company with over 15 years in the travel industry, we specialize in providing comprehensive and tailored destination services, creating memorable and authentic Italian experiences.

Tourist Italy DMC works with:

  • Corporate Clients
    As a specialized DMC in Italy, we assist corporations in planning incentive trips, corporate retreats, team-building activities, conferences, and meetings. Our customized experiences align with your company’s objectives and enhance team cohesion.
  • Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
    Collaborating with travel agencies and tour operators, Tourist Italy DMC offers ground services, tours, and activities for their clients. Our local expertise and logistical support ensure a seamless travel experience.
  • Event Planners and Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs)
    As the preferred DMC in Italy, we partner with event planners and PCOs to design and manage events, conventions, trade shows, and conferences. Our comprehensive destination services include venue selection, transportation, accommodation, and local activities.
  • Associations and Organizations
    Working with associations, non-profit organizations, and professional groups, Tourist Italy organizes meetings, conventions, and events. Our tailored services meet the specific needs and requirements of the organization and its members.
  • Incentive Travel Companies
    Collaborating with incentive travel companies, Tourist Italy DMC creates and manages incentive travel programs and experiences. We design unique and rewarding experiences to motivate and reward employees, sales teams, or customers.
  • Individual Travelers and Private Groups
    Tourist Italy DMC offers customized tours, activities, and services tailored to the interests, preferences, and requirements of individual travelers, families, and private groups seeking personalized and authentic travel experiences.
  • Cruise Lines and Tourist Boards
    Partnering with cruise lines and tourist boards, we provide shore excursions, pre and post-cruise tours, and destination services for cruise passengers. We showcase the best of the destination and offer immersive experiences to cruise travelers.
  • Educational and Academic Groups
    We collaborate with educational institutions, universities, and academic groups to organize study tours, educational trips, and cultural exchange programs. Our enriching and educational experiences complement the academic objectives of the group.

Why Choose Tourist Italy as your Italy DMC

With our local expertise, industry connections, and knowledge of Italy, Tourist Italy provides customized, high-quality, and memorable experiences to all kinds of groups. We are committed to exceeding expectations, offering unparalleled service, and creating authentic and enriching experiences that showcase the beauty, culture, and charm of Italy. Allow us to celebrate your distinction, and craft the Italian trip that’s right for your group.

Seamless and Unforgettable Destination Services

Tourist Italy offers a wide range of destination services to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience in Italy. As a trusted DMC in Italy, we organize transportation, accommodation, and other logistical arrangements, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. We create and organize tailored tours, excursions, and activities that showcase the best of Italy, from historical landmarks to cultural experiences.

  • Efficient transportation and accommodation planning in Italy
  • Travel experts tailor each itinerary to your group's requirements, wants, and constraints
  • Unmatched expertise: over 15 years in the travel and tourism industry
Arno River Tuscany - 2 Day Tuscan Sunrise & Lucca Tour

Italy Event Management and Cultural Experiences

We design and manage events, conferences, and meetings, including venue selection, catering, entertainment, and technical support. Tourist Italy DMC offers insights into the local culture, history, and attractions, providing authentic and enriching experiences for travelers. We ensure the safety and security of our clients through meticulous planning and coordination of services.

  • Comprehensive event design and management with venue selection
  • Insightful local cultural experiences and authentic attractions
  • Meticulous safety and security planning for client peace of mind
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