Italy Travel Trends and Statistics 2024 (so far)

Italy’s tourism is surging in 2024, continuing the record-breaking momentum from 2023. This article explores the significant rise in tourist numbers, driven by group and solo travelers, the ongoing popularity of destinations like Rome, and emerging trends such as slow and sustainable travel. Join us as we delve into the Italy 2024 travel trends and statistics so far and offer insights into what the rest of the year holds for Italy’s vibrant tourism scene.

2024 Italy Tourist Numbers:

  • Italy’s Significant Recovery: After Italy’s 2023 record year for Tourism, this trend is showing to continue into 2024. At Tourist Italy, we’ve seen this trend reflected in our 12% increase in customer numbers for the first half of 2024, compared to the same period in the previous year.
  • 2024 Expectations Exceeded: Although experts predicted a whopping 108% increase in foreign visitors to Italy in 2024, compared to 2023, this has already been far exceeded. According to the ENIT Research Department, January 2024 alone surpassed predictions with 12.6 million passengers.

 Italy Tourist Profiles 2024:

Italy travel trends statistics 2024
  • Italy Group Travel: This is a post-pandemic trend seen across the globe, and Italy is no exception. 2024 has seen a continuation of the private group travel trend, with multi-generational families and groups of friends jetting off together to explore the boot. Since the start of the year, 56% of our clients have been private groups seeking our expertise to help them plan a customized itinerary tailored to their group’s specific needs.
  • Solo Travelers: Solo travel is on the rise, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z. Since the start of 2024, lone travelers to Italy have accounted for 34% of total travelers. One reason for this is the wider scale increase in remote work opportunities which allow individual employees to work from Italy and travel in their off-time.
  • Influx of German Tourists: In 2023, Germany was the top country of origin for travelers to Italy, with approximately 12.5 million visitors, making up 14.5% of the international total. From January to May 2024, nearly 187,000 airport passengers arrived in Italy from Germany, a 4.2% increase from 2023. The peak was in late April due to spring break, with notable destinations including Rome, Milan, and Venice. For the summer quarter, 50,000 airline bookings from Germany are expected, a 21.5% increase from last year, with Rome remaining the top destination.
  • Value-Conscious Travelers: Rising costs are making travelers more budget-conscious. They’re looking for deals, using travel hacks, and potentially opting for shoulder seasons to avoid peak pricing.
  • Domestic Travel Growth: Domestic tourism within Italy saw a strong start in Q1 2024, with many Italians prioritizing relaxation during vacations.

Italy Travel Style Trends and Statistics 2024:

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  • Slow Travel Trend Continues: As seen in 2023, slow travel, focusing on single-country, focused, and immersive travel, continues to be the focus for world travelers. Travelers are seeking longer stays with opportunities to engage fully with their travel destination’s culture and traditions. According to a recent FlyWire report, 84% of Italy tour providers saw an increase in demand for slow travel since the start of 2024.
  • Experience Seekers: Related to the slow travel trend, there’s a growing desire for transformative experiences that go beyond sightseeing. This includes Italy food and wine tours, cooking classes, historical reenactments, and unique access to hidden gems. At Tourist Italy, since January 2024, we have seen a 43% annual increase in customers seeking unique activities and tours that go beyond the traditional route.
  • Sustainable Travelers: Eco-friendly travel is a growing priority. Travelers are opting for green hotels, eco-tours, and experiences that minimize environmental impact. According to FlyWire, 83% of travel providers in Italy are reporting a rise in demand for sustainable travel options. In response, 98% of Italian travel providers have implemented policies, products, or activities that align with these sustainability principles.
  • Gig Tripping: As proven by the Queen of Pop, Taylor Swift, music fans are jumping at the opportunity to travel to another city to combine a little travel with the chance to see their favorite artist live in concert. As noted by Embark Beyond, the destination concert business is up more than 50% in the past year. This is having a knock-on effect on local hotels and tourism providers who are increasing prices in response to the demand. According to our records, hotel prices in Milan are on average 45% higher for the nights of Taylor Swift’s shows in the city in July 2024, compared to the weeks before and after the show.

Other Italy Travel Trends 2024

  • 4 Months Ahead – Typically, flights are booked 120 days in advance, with travelers planning to stay for at least 12 nights.
  • Digital Tourism – A range of digital technologies have been transforming the way that tourists travel. While 2023 saw millions of travelers using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to plan their trips, 2024 is seeing an emergence of AI travel tools that support travelers while on the ground with recommendations, translations, and more. This is particularly apparent in Italy, where the new ENIT (Italian National Tourist Board) has been embracing this digitalization, using AI to improve its services and offer personalized experiences to its visitors. 

Predictions for Italy Travel Trends and Statistics in the Second Half of 2024:

  • Continued Growth: Global and Italian tourism are expected to maintain their positive trajectory throughout 2024. From June to September 2024, Italian airports are projected to handle approximately 1.6 million passengers, with 82.7% arriving from abroad and 17.3% traveling domestically.
  • Continued Gig-Tripping: A report by ENIT predicts that over 4,000 events, including concerts, festivals, conferences, and sports, will draw more than 28 million national and international visitors to Italy from June to September 2024.
  • Booking Attractions in Advance to Become Crucial: With tourist numbers only set to increase, we predict it will become almost impossible to access Italy’s most popular attractions without advanced reservations, especially during the peak summer months.
  • Hidden Gems: The trend towards unique experiences, combined with the overcrowding of the more traditional attractions, is likely to lead to an increased interest in lesser-known museums and historical sites beyond the usual suspects. 
  • Shift Towards “Slower Travel”: The slow travel trend is likely to gain even more momentum, with travelers prioritizing longer stays and deeper cultural immersion. According to Flywire, 90% of travel providers in Italy say slow travel will continue to grow.
  • Focus on Sustainability: Sustainable travel options will continue to be in high demand with travelers looking for eco-friendly accommodations, experiences, and transportation options.
  • High Domestic Travel in August: As seen in 2023, when domestic travel was Italy’s predominant source of tourism in August, this is predicted to be repeated in August 2024.
  • September Popularity: Based on 2023’s statistics, Italy is likely to see a rise in September and October tourism, driven by American and German visitors.
  • Hotel Rates are likely to decrease by 15% for September and October – as seen in 2023, Italy hotel rates are likely to go down by 15% in September and October compared to August – making it ideal and attractive for budget-conscious travelers


At Tourist Italy, we’re up to date on the latest travel trends, following them closely and aligning our Italy tours and Italy tour packages accordingly. As demand for unique Italy travel continues to increase, our team of travel experts is on the ground, searching for the most authentic experiences Italy has to offer. Our ‘Italy with a Twist’ tours are dedicated to taking you off the beaten path, to interact with local vendors and see a side of Italy that is overlooked by the masses. From a historic, family-owned coffee factory deep within the Tuscan countryside, to a crowd-free Lake Como at sunrise, we’re here to show you Italy at its best.

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