Duomo Milan: The Ultimate Guide

The Milan Duomo is just one of the many alluring cathedrals in Italy. What makes this Duomo so special is its foundational beauty and iconic presence. Many tourists come from far and wide to visit this stunning structure. From awe-inspiring architecture to cultural legacy, the Duomo is the most recognized landmark in the city. Continue reading to find out the best way to visit the cathedral, how much it costs, and more insightful tips.

What is the Milan Duomo?

duomo cathedral milan italy

The Milan Duomo – or Il Duomo Milano – is a Gothic cathedral that stands as one of the largest and most magnificent churches in the world. Construction of this cathedral began in 1386 and was finalized 6 centuries later, in 1965. Though many architects – like Leonardo da Vinci – contributed their artistry to the church over the years, the main architect was Simone da Orsenigo.

The church was built in dedication to St. Mary of the Nativity, climbing up to 515 feet (157 meters) tall and 302 feet (92 meters) wide. Inside, you will find chapels, art collections, and sarcophagi of archbishops buried there. Most visitors ascend to one of the terraces for spectacular views overlooking the Piazza del Duomo, making it one of the best things to do in Milan.

Where is the Duomo in Milan?

The Duomo Milan is located in central Milan – Piazza del Duomo Milan – making it easily accessible for travelers. It’s located near several other attractions like Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the fashion district, the Royal Palace, and a 20-minute walk from the famous Last Supper. A great way to visit all these sites is by staying in the beautiful city long enough to appreciate each one. Find out where to stay in Milan and browse our many hotels near Duomo Milan to find your perfect accommodation. You can also check out our informative map of Milan to better navigate the city.

How to Visit the Duomo

Duomo di Milano Milan_6 Day Milan, Como, Lugano & Verona Tour Package

The cathedral is open daily from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, with the last admission entry being 6:10 PM. The best way to visit Milan Duomo is with an exclusive tour that will impart valuable insight and insider tips. Our Milan tours offer many great options to choose from, eliminating most of the hassle of planning your own visit. Here are a few of our top Duomo tours:

Milan Duomo Cathedral Rooftop Tour

Experience Milan’s iconic cathedral with our Milan Duomo Cathedral Rooftop Tour. Skip the lines and enjoy quick entry to the magnificent Duomo. Your expert guide will unveil the mysteries of the cathedral’s famous Gothic architecture. From the rooftop, take in mesmerizing panoramic views and create everlasting memories.

Book Your Cathedral Rooftop Tour

Exclusive Milan Guided Tour

If you want more of an overview of Milan’s greatest architectural gems, this Historic Milan Tour is the way to go. Adventure through the city’s streets, stopping outside all of its cultural and architectural gems. Rather than entering each landmark, you’ll stand outside and learn all about the history and design from your expert guide. Beginning at the historic Sforzesco Castle, continue to La Scala Theater, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and conclude at Piazza del Duomo.

Reserve Your Historic Milan Tour

Milan Duomo Tickets

Milan Duomo & its rooftop tour

Prices for the Milan Duomo tickets vary based on what kind of experience you’re seeking and for how long you’re interested in staying. Let’s break down each section of the Duomo:

  • Cathedral – Though the cathedral is free of charge, calculate extra time for security checks and high season.
  • Duomo Terraces – Ascending the terrace is a must-do on any Milan itinerary. Cost: €10.00 by foot and €14.00 by elevator.
  • Duomo Musem or San Gottardo Church – Both the museum and San Gottardo Church open and close a little earlier, so if you plan on visiting these two, plan accordingly. Cost: €3.00, including entry to both sites.
  • St. Stefano Baptistery Both the St. Stefano Baptistery and Santa Maria Annunciata in Camposanto Church offer free admission.

How to Purchase Milan Duomo Tickets

Buying Duomo tickets online is the fastest option, but entries often run out fast. You can always purchase tickets once you get there, but prepare to wait in long lines. This is why we strongly suggest booking a tour, which grants you exclusive, skip-the-line entry to the Milan Duomo with a local guide. This way, you can be sure you’ll make the most of your visit without any extra hassle or worry.

If you still insist on going at it alone, both these passes are good to use for 72 hours:

  • Culture Pass – The most popular is the Culture Pass (€8.00), granting you access to the cathedral, museum, San Gottardo Church, and archeological area.
  • Duomo Pass – You can purchase a Duomo Pass Lift/Elevator (€17.00) or Duomo Pass Stairs (€8.00), depending on your physical capabilities. These tickets include the cathedral, terraces, museum, San Gottardo Church, and archeological area.

Discover the Milan Duomo with Tourist Italy

Seeing the magical Il Duomo Milan is unlike anything else. Though many compare Florence’s Duomo to Milan’s, they each have their own unique charm. The best way to visit the Duomo is with a guided tour, one that will take you to all the secret spots and unveil historical richness.

If you’re short on time check out our 2-day Milan itinerary, the city’s best bars, as well as this Milan travel guide to prepare for your next visit. While you’re in North Italy, see other great cities like Venice, or check out our list of the best day trips from Milan. Find out how to get from Milan to Venice and read our guide to the Floating City for more fantastic adventures.

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