Venice Carnival 2024 Events Schedule

Venice Carnival 2024 Theme

Each year, a theme for the Carnival is announced in the weeks leading up to it. This year’s theme is To the Orient “Marco Polo’s Amazing Journey.” In celebration of one of Venice’s greatest travelers, this year’s Venice Mask Festival will focus on the explorer on the 700th anniversary of his death. This overarching theme translates to tones of travel and discovery. Venice Carnival 2024 will take place from 27 January to February 13, 2024. Below, we have listed all the pre-carnival and core traditional events of the Venice Carnival 2024 so you can mark your diaries and prepare accordingly.

Pre-Carnival 2024 Events: 27 January – February 2

Grand Opening “Floating Parade:” – Saturday, January 27th and Sunday, January 28th

venice mask festival canal parade

Officially kicking off the Venice Carnival 2024 events, the Festa Veneziana is a colorful and musical celebration cherished by all. The huge water parade involved masked and costumed individuals rowing their boats across the Venice Grand Canal. Make sure you don’t miss the delicious Venetian street food on sale!

Boats depart from Venice Station on the evening of January 27th at 20:00 and dock an hour later at Dogana da Mar. A second boat carnival takes place on Sunday 28th January at 10:30.

Carnival Street Show 2024

The official Carnival Street Show 2024 begins on January 27th with street theater performances in the main city squares like St. Stefano Square, S. Margherita, S. Geremia, and more. These continue every day throughout the entire Carnival period.

Venetian Mask-Making Workshops

During the Venice Carnival, the tradition of participating in Venetian mask-making workshops adds a hands-on dimension to the festivities. Enthusiasts and visitors alike engage in these workshops to learn the ancient craft of mask making, crafting their own unique and personalized masks using traditional techniques, creating a deeper connection to the rich cultural heritage of Venice and the mystique of the carnival season.

Book Your Venice Carnival Mask Workshop

The Carnival 2024 Events: The Core Events: February 3 – February 13

venice best mask contest carnival

PLEASE NOTE: Three of the traditional Venice Carnivale Events have been canceled this year due to construction in Saint Mark Place. This includes Flight of the Angel, Flight of the Eagle, and Flight of the Lion.

“Festa delle Marie” – The Marie Festival – Saturday 3 February

What: The Festa Delle Marie in Venice is an annual carnival celebration dating back to the 9th century, featuring a vibrant parade of beautifully adorned young Venetian women known as “Marie” through the city’s historic streets. It commemorates the offering of dowries to humble maidens by the Doge in medieval times.
Location: Departs from San Pietro in Castello. Concludes at St Mark’s Square. 
Time: 14:30
Price: Free Entry

The Best Mask Contest – From February 3 (Daily)

What: Don your traditional Venetian mask and join the crowds in St Mark’s Square. Each day’s winners of the Best Mask Contest are entered into the final on February 13th.
Location: St Mark’s Square
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Price: Free (But, don’t forget to register your mask entry!)

Official Venice Carnival Dinner, Show, and Ball 2024 – 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th of February

What: The ultimate Venice Carnival party. Mouth-watering food, flawless and enchanting musical performances, and the most elite crowd in town.
Location: Ca’ Vendramin Calergi Palace (overlooking the Grand Canal)
Time: 21:00
Price: €600.00

Final of the contest “The Most Beautiful Mask” – February 13th

What: The climax of the Venice Mask Festival is the eagerly anticipated Best Mask Contest final, where participants showcase their elaborate and intricately designed masks, competing in a dazzling display of creativity and craftsmanship.
Location: St Mark’s Square
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Price: Free

Masked-Event Parties For The Carnival:

venice carnival 2024 masked ball

Our Top Recommendations:

Saturday, February 10: Venice Masquerade Party: Carnival in Love

Sunday, February 11, 2024: Gala evening “Venetian Reflections”

Other popular masked galas: 

  • Saturday, February 3: “The ball of dreams”
  • Saturday, February 9: “The Legend of Casanova”
  • Saturday, February 10: Gala evening “The Doge’s Ball”
  • Friday, February 3: Gala evening “Don Giovanni”
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