Best Day Trips from Florence

Nestled within Tuscany’s heart, Florence is the perfect starting point for countless unforgettable Tuscan adventures. Starting and finishing the day in Florence, you can explore magnificent historical sites, delight in delectable culinary tours, and bask in nature’s beauty. Here, we’ll discuss the various day trips from Florence, which all promise enchanting experiences. We’ve got coffee tours, wine tastings, cooking workshops, day trips to Pisa and San Gimignano, and even day trips from Florence to Cinque Terre. Are you ready for an extraordinary journey? Let’s dive in and begin mapping out your Florence day trips.

Day Trips to Pisa From Florence

Pisa tour from Florence Tuscany

Our Pisa Tour from Florence takes you through Pisa’s picture-perfect streets. You’ll get a sense of the city’s fascinating history as you walk along, optionally scaling the iconic Leaning Tower. Take unforgettable photos from the top as you marvel at the view. This all-encompassing tour captures Pisa’s charm and charisma, transforming your visit into an extraordinary adventure that plunges into the heart of this captivating city. If you prefer to make the journey from Florence to Pisa alone, check out our handy travel guide and list of the best things to do in Pisa.

Tuscany Day Tours from Florence

Tuscany views sunset

Experience the greater region with our Best of Tuscany Day Tour from Florence. Journey to the medieval city of Siena and behold its rich history and architecture. Then indulge your taste buds at an organic family-owned wine estate, where you’ll savor exquisite wines and authentic Italian cuisine. But that’s not all. You’ll also have free time to explore the charming streets of San Gimignano and admire the iconic Leaning Tower in Pisa. These day trips from Florence are a captivating mix of guided exploration and leisure time, immersing you in the classic Italian lifestyle. So come along and discover the gems of Tuscany, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

For the more adventurous souls, we highly recommend embarking on our Tuscany Sunrise Tour from Florence, exploring the enchanting locales of San Gimignano, Lucca, and Pisa. Although the 5 am wakeup call might appear daunting initially, you’ll find yourself captivated by the breathtaking scenery as you drive through the picturesque countryside, witnessing the sunrise casting its golden glow over the rolling hills. By reaching the main Tuscan cities and towns such as Pisa, San Gimignano, and Lucca before the crowds descend, you’ll enjoy an ideal and intimate experience, making the early start well worth it.

Scenic Florence Cooking Class

Florence Tuscany Pizza workshop

For the foodies and budding chefs out there, our cooking classes in Tuscany will be the best day trips from Florence. By far, our most popular Florence cooking class is the Tuscany Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class. Head out from Florence into the Tuscan countryside and get a taste of the best Italian food. Imagine you are in a gorgeous Tuscan estate, surrounded by breathtaking views, creating authentic Italian pizza and gelato. With the guidance of a seasoned chef, you’ll knead, toss, and taste your way through the unique art of pizza making. And what better way to finish off your food adventure than by learning to make the perfect scoop of smooth and creamy Italian gelato? This hands-on cooking experience promises a fun-filled, tasty journey that satisfies your taste buds and adds a special touch to your culinary skills.

Chianti Wine Trip From Florence

chianty winery tuscany from florence

Want to experience Tuscany like a local? Take our Chianti Wine Tour from Florence. This unique adventure lets you explore the renowned Chianti region’s enchanting landscapes. You’ll have the opportunity to try wines that carry the aromas of Tuscan vineyards. Experience the smooth, distinct flavor of extra virgin olive oil, taste the rich flavors of traditional sheep cheese, and enjoy the enticing flavors of cured meats. You’ll experience all of this while driving a 4×4 through Chianti’s scenic routes. Get ready for a day filled with excitement and sensory stimulation as you taste, see, and feel the spirit of Tuscany.

Day Trip from Florence to Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre tour from Florence

Prepare for a visual feast with our Cinque Terre & Portovenere Tour. This trip whisks you away to the beautiful Ligurian coast, a sparkling jewel in Italy’s crown. Marvel at the technicolor charm of Cinque Terre’s cliff-hugging villages, where terraced vineyards meet the shimmering sea. Discover Portovenere’s glamorous allure, an enchanting coastal town brimming with character. As you wander through cobbled lanes, delight in bouncy houses, rustic seafood eateries, and stunning seaside vistas. The beauty of these locations is matched by their rich culture and welcoming local people. Enhance your Italian adventure with this vibrant coastal escapade that truly encapsulates ‘La Dolce Vita.’ Check out our full guide to getting from Florence to Cinque Terre and back.

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By taking these exceptional day trips from Florence, you’ll be able to enjoy a snapshot of the wonderful attractions this country provides. Not ready to leave Florence just yet? Why not try one of our best guided day tours of Florence? For more tips, check out our Florence Travel Guide. Discover insider secrets, hidden gems, and must-see attractions to make the most of your time there. If you are interested in more exciting activities, check out our article on the best things to do in Florence, where we highlight top attractions and unique experiences. We can also help you plan the next step of your vacation, whether that’s going from Florence to Naples, or Florence to Cinque Terre. Whatever trip you decide on, let Tourist Italy guide you through Florence’s tapestry of memories.

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