Finding the Best Italy Food Tour

Finding the best Italy food tour can be a challenging task, especially with so many different options across the country. Before selecting a specific food tour, there are several questions to answer. For example, what is the type of food tour? You also need to inquire into whether it is a short experience, a full day, or a multiple-day package tour. You’ll want to research where the food tour will be visiting and who leads the tour. It’s also worthwhile checking if it is just a food tour or also includes tastings, a cooking workshop, and/or, a meal. In this article, we will investigate these questions and help you find the best Italy food tour.

Italy food tours are the perfect way to really enjoy the country's cuisine

How To Select the Best Italy Food Tour?

When selecting the best Italy food tour, you should pay attention to the following questions:

  1. Who is leading the tour? Look for food tours in Italy that are led by local chefs, food experts, or local insiders. These tours will provide you with the best experience as these guides will have a better knowledge and passion for food and their location than any regular tour guide.
  2. What does the tour include? Some tours might be a great way to get a basic introduction to the location through its food. These serve as a kind of hybrid city tour and food tour. This can be great if you are short on time. Look for tours that include tastings.
  3. Is there a cooking workshop? And meal? A cooking workshop is one of the best styles of food tour experiences in Italy as this will not only introduce you to the food but also enable you to prepare a meal alongside a local chef. Look out for how many dishes are included and whether or not you will go as a group before the meal to buy the ingredients.
  4. How many people are in the group? On no group tour is the group size more important than on a food tour. So aim for tours with no more than 20 participants, ideally up to 10. And if it’s a workshop, aim for no more than 10 participants.
  5. Is it a package? Or just a day or part-day experience? This of course depends on what you are looking for, but the experience duration is very important for knowing how it will fit into your trip itinerary.
  6. What is the trip type? There are endless types of different food tours in Italy. Each has its advantages, which we examine in the next section of this article.
Many of the best Italy food tours also  include visits to beautiful locations such as our Prosecco Tasting Tour from Venice on the 13 Day Italy Food & Wine Journey Tour Package

What Is the Best Type of Food Tour in Italy?

There are several different types of food tours which you might come across in Italy. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Each type of food tour serves a different audience, budget, and style of travel.

A Market Tour or Short Urban Food Tour

Enjoy your Tuscan Market Tour and Cooking Class from Florence_49
  • Location – Usually within a city or village
  • Duration – Usually one to two hours
  • Led by – It’s important to ensure it’s led by a local insider food expert or chef. At Tourist Italy our food tours are all led by food experts and often chefs to ensure that the experience is more authentic.
  • Benefits – Market tours or short urban food tours can provide a great introduction to the location you are visiting. They serve both as a city tour and an introduction to the location’s cuisine.
  • Includes – Often include tastings at stops along the way. The guide will give you great recommendations for spending your time in the location.
  • Where will you find this in Italy? – Most cities
  • Best food tour in Italy for those who are short on time or a budget. Great if you’re not a big foodie but want to experience some food content. Also suitable for those looking to get acquainted with a new city or region.
  • Examples Naples Street Food Tour, Venice Food and Wine Tour, Ancient Rome & Food Tour, Milan Food Tour, or see more Food Tours in Italy

An Italy Cooking Workshop

Private Cooking Class with a Local in Venice
  • Location – Usually within a city or village, sometimes in beautiful countryside locations
  • Duration – Often two to four hours (longer if includes purchasing ingredients before and a meal after)
  • Led by – Important to be careful to ensure it’s led by a local insider food expert or chef. At Tourist Italy our Italy cooking workshops are all led by chefs to ensure that the experience is more authentic
  • Benefits – Provides a unique insight into the cuisine of the location, providing an authentic local experience. Of course, teaches you new techniques and dishes to impress your friends when you return home.
  • Includes – Often includes a market tour before the workshop, ingredients needed to make food, tastings at stops along the way, guided cooking in a kitchen, and a meal
  • Where will you find this in Italy? – Most cities and regions
  • Best food tour in Italy for those looking for an insider local experience, to learn to cook authentic Italian dishes.
  • Examples Tuscan Food Workshop From Siena, Tuscan Pizza Workshop, Roman Pizza Making, Pasta Workshop in Verona. Check out our full list of Italy Cooking Workshops.

Full-Day Food-Related Tours

On an Italy food tour, the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany and Chianti
  • Location – Usually from a city to a countryside location or through a region
  • Duration – Usually 10 hours
  • Led by – Important to be careful to ensure it’s led by a local insider food expert or chef. At Tourist Italy our food tours are all led by food experts and often chefs to ensure that the experience is more authentic
  • Benefits – Get to visit locations that are otherwise hard to reach, often going off the beaten track. Go to places that are ‘super insider’ and only locals know. Fuse the cuisine with other elements such as history, culture, nature, or wine
  • Includes – Transportation, often includes tastings and lunch, guiding
  • Where will you find this in Italy? – From many cities to the surrounding region
  • Best food tour in Italy for those looking to go off the beaten track, see the beautiful Tuscan countryside, and enjoy the cuisine
  • Examples Flavors of Emilia Romagna from Bologna and Verona, Etna Food and Wine Tour, Prosecco Tasting from Venice, Taste of Tuscany

See all Our Full-Day Food Tours

Italy Food Tour Package

See highlights such as Venice with a food twist on an Italy food tour package
  • Location – Can range from one city to multiple cities and regions, depending on duration
  • Duration – From 3 to 14 days
  • Led by – It’s important to be careful that the tours and experiences within the package are led by local experts, insiders, and chefs. Tourist Italy’s food packages of Italy are led by local guides, chefs, and insiders, in each location. This means you will be with a different expert each day, providing, what we believe, is a far better food tour experience.
  • Benefits – An immersive multiple-day experience, including accommodations. Includes other complimentary experiences and tours, hassle-free including all practicalities.
  • Includes – Multiple food tours, cooking workshops, other tours, hotels and accommodations, and everything else needed to create a perfect trip.
  • Where will you find this in Italy? – Most cities and regions
  • Best food tour in Italy for those looking for a hassle-free visit to Italy based around the country’s food, including everything, curated and brought together by experts.
  • Examples An Italy Food and Wine Journey – 13 Day Tour Package, and more Italy packages.

Customized Italy Food Journey

On a customized Italy food adventure, you will decide where and when to go, for how many days, and what you want to experience. This is the best type of Italy food tour for many people as it is fully personalized. All of our Italy private tours are fully customizable and can include exactly what you want them to include!

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