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How To Get From Milan to Florence

If you’re planning a trip through Italy, you’ll likely want to visit the cities of Milan and Florence. Milan is a stylish metropolis in northern Italy, while Florence is a timeless treasure trove of art and culture in the heart of Tuscany. The distance from Milan to Florence is approximately 370 kilometers. You can easily travel between these two cities via a comfortable train ride, a leisurely bus voyage, a scenic road trip, or a swift flight. Whichever travel method you choose, you’ll have an unforgettable adventure by following these helpful travel tips.

Best Way To Get From Milan to Florence: Join a Tour

milan to florence

Opting for a Tourist Italy guided tour package is the most enjoyable and convenient way to travel from Milan to Florence. All transportation, accommodation, and itinerary planning needs are expertly curated, leaving you free to immerse yourself in the journey. On our Milan, Venice, Tuscany & Rome 10-Day Tour Package, your dedicated guide handles all the logistics and provides expert knowledge about each location. This stress-free approach lets you make the most of every moment, from exploring iconic landmarks to indulging in authentic Italian cuisine.

A guided tour doesn’t just streamline your travel; it elevates the entire experience. Imagine strolling through Renaissance wonders on our Tuscany from Milan 4-Day Tour Package, discovering the region’s hidden histories. Insights from a knowledgeable guide transform your journey into an immersive cultural odyssey. You’ll make extraordinary memories engaging with locals, deciphering artistic nuances, and savoring authentic flavors. Joining a tour isn’t just a way to get from Florence to Milan or vice versa – it’s an opportunity to unlock the heart and soul of Italy.

Other Ways To Get From Milan to Florence

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By Bus

Getting from Milan to Florence via bus is an enchanting journey. You can choose between convenient shuttle buses and efficient public transportation. The estimated travel time for this picturesque route is around four to five hours. Pre-booking a shuttle bus is a hassle-free option with direct routes, flexible departure times, and comfortable amenities. However, they usually cost more – around €25-€50 per ticket. Public bus networks are also convenient and budget-friendly, with multiple daily departure times and ticket prices ranging from €10-€20. However, public buses often involve transfers and longer travel times. Milan’s primary bus terminal is Autostazione Lampugnano, located about five kilometers (three miles) northwest of the city center.

By Train

Experience the charm of Italian rail travel by taking the train from Milan to Florence. High-speed or regional train options provide a delightful journey through Italy’s picturesque landscapes. The high-speed train from Milan to Florence or the train from Florence to Milan offers swift connectivity, covering the distance in approximately two hours. Tickets for this express train from Florence to Milan generally cost €50-€100, depending on the class and booking time.

Alternatively, regional trains offer more budget-friendly options, costing €25-€45. Milan to Florence by train may take up to four hours but provides a scenic route through the countryside. The Milan to Florence train departs frequently from Milano Centrale Railway Station, ensuring flexibility for your travel schedule. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of things to book in advance, we recommend our Tuscany from Milan 4-Day Tour. Including accommodation, tours, and rail travel between Tuscany and Milan, you’ll have everything sorted with one booking!

By Car

Driving from Milan to Florence is a picturesque road trip. The route typically takes three to five hours, depending on traffic and stops. The Milan to Florence distance is approximately 370 kilometers (230 miles). The trip cost depends on car rental fees, tolls, parking, and fuel prices. A scenic drive from Milan to Florence allows you to customize your route and take spontaneous detours, ensuring a memorable and customizable adventure. Non-EU/EEA travelers must have an International Driver’s Permit or an official translation of their driver’s license to rent a car in Italy.

Taxis are more private and convenient but usually cost more. They can be preferable for families with young children, groups, or travelers with mobility limitations. The taxi fare from Venice to Florence typically starts at €410. 

By Air

A direct flight from Milan Malpensa Airport to Florence Peretola Airport provides a time-saving advantage, taking under one hour. Routes that include stopovers are often less expensive but more time-consuming. Ryanair, Volotea, and Vueling Airlines are the primary carriers offering flights for this route. While pricier than other modes of transport, flying offers convenience and speed. Ticket costs vary by booking time, class, route, and baggage fees. 

Private Transfers

Elevate your travel experience with the ultimate comfort and convenience of pre-booking a private transfer from Milan to Florence. You’ll enjoy seamless door-to-door service in luxurious comfort. Our private tours offer the flexibility to customize your itinerary, allowing you to explore hidden gems en route or make impromptu stops. The unmatched convenience and personalized service of a private transfer are worth the extra cost.

Follow Your Heart From Milan to Florence

Of the many travel options from Milan to Florence, guided tours like this 2-Day Florence Food, Duomo & Medici experience provide the perfect blend of convenience and enrichment. If your stay in Florence is brief, you won’t want to miss our Dome and Duomo Complex or Florence market food tour to make the most of your time. While alternative methods like buses, cars, planes, and trains all hold their own appeal, tours like our Milan, Venice, Tuscany & Rome 10-Day Package offer hassle-free travel and deeper cultural immersion. Streamline your adventure and embrace the convenience and cultural depth of our Florence tours.

Tourist Italy has all your trip-planning needs covered in our Florence travel guide, from where to stay to the best things to do and how many days you should spend in Florence. Alternatively, if you’re based in Milan and looking how to visit other nearby cities, check out our guides for how to get from Milan to Rome, Milan to Verona, Milan to Venice, or even Milan to Lake Como. Whatever it is you need, we’ll give you all the ingredients for a perfect Italian vacation.

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