How To Get From Milan to Verona

If you’re traveling around northern Italy, you’ll probably need to know how to get from Milan to Verona. Milan, renowned for its fashion and culture, lies in the Lombardy region. Verona, the famous backdrop for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, lies approximately 160 kilometers (99 miles) to the east in the Veneto region. Considering how close these two cities are, it is relatively easy to take a day trip to Verona from Milan, returning to the fashion capital before nightfall. Travelers have various options to navigate this route, with guided tours being the most recommended. Traveling by train will take one to two hours, while buses typically take two to three hours. If you prefer the freedom and flexibility of a road trip, the Milan to Verona drive time is just under two hours. Keep reading to discover essential travel tips for making your journey seamless and enjoyable.

Best Way to Get From Milan to Verona: Join a Tour

milan to verona tour

Guided tours like our Verona, Sirmione, & Lake Garda Day Tour from Milan offer the ultimate convenience for traveling from Milan to Verona, Lake Garda, and other scenic sites nearby. With transportation arrangements handled, you can relax and enjoy the journey without worrying about logistics. Skilled guides make these day trips from Milan hassle-free and enrich your experience by sharing local insights and historical context, turning the transit into an immersive cultural adventure.

Moreover, multi-day Italy package tours provide opportunities to explore more of the beautiful country, with accommodation taken care of in addition to transportation and tours. Along the way, you’ll stop at captivating attractions and landmarks, unveiling Italy’s hidden gems you might otherwise miss. From quaint villages to picturesque landscapes, these detours enhance your understanding of the country’s diverse beauty and cultural tapestry. With guided tours, your journey becomes an unforgettable exploration of Italy’s rich heritage.

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Other Ways to Get From Milan to Verona

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By Bus

Traveling from Milan to Verona by bus is convenient and cost-effective. Companies like FlixBus and Itabus offer frequent daily departures and usually run direct routes. Most buses depart from Milan’s main bus terminal, Lampugnano, and arrive at Verona’s Porta Nuova station. The trip takes approximately two to three hours. Fares vary depending on the company, class, and the time of booking, and a one-way ticket generally costs €10-40. 

By Train

The Milan to Verona train services are operated by Trenitalia and Italo. Departing from Milan Central Railway Station and arriving at Verona Porta Nuova station, these trains provide a swift and direct route between the two cities. The train from Milan to Verona runs frequently throughout the day, with options for both high-speed and regional trains. The Milan to Verona train time typically ranges from one to two hours. Ticket prices depend on the type of train and class chosen, ranging from €13 to €35. 

By Car

Driving from Milan to Verona is a fantastic option for travelers seeking flexibility and independence. You can set your own pace and explore the charming landscapes of Northern Italy at your leisure. The distance from Milan to Verona is approximately 160 kilometers (99 miles), and the drive typically takes around two hours, depending on traffic conditions. Italy car rental companies in Milan like Sixt, Avis, and Europcar provide a range of options to suit your travel needs. Keep in mind that tolls are common along Italy’s highways. Additionally, visitors from outside the EU/EEA must carry an international driver’s permit or an official translation of their driver’s license.

By Air

Airlines like Ryanair, Malta Air, and Eurowings offer flights from Milan Malpensa Airport to Verona. While some Milan to Verona flights are direct, with a flight duration of approximately one hour, others involve stopovers that increase the travel time. However, air travel is often pricier than other transportation options. Fares vary by airline, route, class, and booking time. To get the best deals, book in advance and look for special promotions. Ensure a smooth airport arrival by booking our private transfer service from Verona Airport to Verona City Center.

Private Transfers

To enjoy the utmost comfort, convenience, and flexibility on your trip, pre-booking an Italy private transfer is an excellent choice. With a private vehicle and a dedicated driver at your service, you’ll be free from the stress of navigating unfamiliar routes or schedules. Private Italy tours ensure a personalized and enjoyable experience and offer the flexibility to customize your itinerary, making stops at scenic spots or attractions along the way.

From the Charm of Milan to the Beauty of Verona

Although there are various ways to get from Milan to Verona or Verona to Milan, guided tour packages like our Italian Lakes & Alps Scenic Tour Package are the best way to enjoy a rich, immersive, and hassle-free travel experience. Alternatively, buses, trains, cars, and flights cater to various preferences and budgets, allowing travelers to adapt to their needs.

For those who embark on this journey independently, we recommend joining our Verona tours once you’re there. Coupled with expert guides, our best guided tours of Verona and our best day trips from Verona ensure culturally enriching adventures. Whether you’re looking for a multi-day excursion, or you’d prefer a shorter Verona Walking Tour or Food and Wine Tour, Tourist Italy has plenty of options to suit every type of traveler. If you need more trip-planning ideas, we have plenty of resources to help you. Check out our helpful Verona travel guide to find out what to do there, and when to visit Italy. Alternatively, read how to get from Milan to Florence, Milan to Venice, Milan to Rome, or Milan to Lake Como.

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