Florence in Winter 2024

Considering spending the winter in Italy? Florence in the winter 2024 offers a magical escape for those seeking it. In the city of art, culture, and great food, experience the wintertime like never before. Though the weather is definitely colder, this time of year is one of the best opportunities to visit. Let’s unravel all the wonders Florence holds during the winter season, from must-dos and great tours to vibrant events in 2024.

When is Winter in Florence?

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Winter in Florence Italy starts from December to February, casting a festive ambiance throughout the city. Given the Christmas season, decorations adorn many central areas. Temperatures average around 3°-15°C (37°-59°F), which is a good range to still explore the best things to do in Florence. It’s worth noting that Florence in the winter offers limited daylight hours, so visitors should plan activities accordingly.

Winter Weather in Italy

Tourists traveling to Florence in the winter might be wondering what the weather in Italy is like. Italy is known for its diverse climate, with ranging temperatures of 10°-15°C (50°-59°F) in Sicily, 6°-14°C (43°-57°F) in Rome, and 0°-7°C (32°-45°F) in Venice. The northern region of Tuscany experiences a mild winter of 3°-15°C (37°-59°F) with occasional rain showers. Be sure to pack extra layers, a good umbrella, and suitable footwear.

Is Florence in the Winter Crowded?

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With fewer tourists, you’ll find shorter lines at popular attractions and world-renowned restaurants and bars. The serene environment allows you to marvel at great architecture and immerse yourself in Florence‘s rich history without worrying about bustling crowds. Additionally, the off-season offers budget-friendly flights and hotel stays, making it another great reason to visit during the winter.

Winter Events in Florence

There are several winter events in Florence during the colder months, like the Birraio dell’Anno, an Italian craft beer event. This beermaker celebration has gained international recognition over the years, drawing in crowds from all over. Another great festivity to check out is the Carnival of Viareggia, a fun carnival held outside of Florence in the Tuscan city of Viareggio.

Additionally, you’ll find smaller holiday markets around the city, but the main one is held in Piazza Duomo. Once you’re here, explore the brilliant cathedral with our handy Florence Duomo guide or by joining our Florence Duomo Complex Tour.

Please remember that Christmas Day, December 25 is a national holiday and everything in Florence is closed, including restaurants, museums, and galleries.

Packing for Winter in Florence

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Moreover, ensure you’re well-prepared for the chilly weather by packing essentials such as a warm coat, gloves, and a scarf. Layering is the best way to discover Florence’s indoor and outdoor sites. From the best museums to grabbing a bite at well-known restaurants, be sure to pack the winter basics. In case of windy rains, it might be a good call to pack a reliable umbrella and rain boots. And of course, Florence is a walking city, so pack your most comfortable walking shoes.

Things to Do in Winter in Florence

The city of the Renaissance is jam-packed with exciting adventures. Explore Florence’s treasures at your own pace during the quieter winter months. Consider joining one of our guided tours to gain in-depth insights into Florence’s stunning landmarks, history, and layered culture.

Warm Up with a Coffee Tour

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Feel the warmth against your cheeks as you step into a cozy cafe. Order a cappuccino, latte, or the famous Italian espresso. As you warm up, learn about the rich flavors of Italy with our Ultimate Coffee Tour Experience. You’ll gain profound insight into the world of Italian coffee culture and get to taste delicious flavors.

Take Our Ultimate Coffee Tour

Wander the Ancient Streets

Take advantage of the emptier alleys and quieter neighborhoods by walking the cobblestoned streets. With our exceptional Florence Walking Tour, you’ll experience all the main hotspots. Be led by an expert guide who will show you all the beauty and splendor of Florence. Also, take creative photos without the swarms of tourists and enjoy every site just for yourself.

Book Your Florence Walking Tour

Visit Iconic Galleries

Florence in winter provides you with the best time to see its wondrous museums. Not only will this indoor excursion warm you up, but you’ll also delve into the city’s artistic treasures that date back centuries. Our Florence Gallery Tour will invite you to unearth Renaissance gems among other great collections without the crowds.

Tour Florence's Galleries with Us

Marvel at the Incredible Duomo

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With fewer visitors, revel in a more serene experience at the Florence Duomo. Gain valuable insight with a knowledgeable guide on our Florence Duomo Complex Tour. Step into a world of wonder, centuries-old art, and timeless architecture. Reserve your tour now to visit one of the most iconic cathedrals in the world.

See the Iconic Florence Duomo

Shop Til You Drop

It’s no surprise that Florence is one of Italy’s most fashionable cities. Similarly to Milan, Florence has an air of luxury that few other places can match. Via de’ Tornabuoni is a well-known street that’s lined with high-end brands, from Gucci and Versace to Roberto Cavalli and Cartier. Not only that, but you can purchase the finest leather at the leather market close to the city center. Use our incredible souvenir guide to learn how to shop in Florence.

Savor Tuscany’s Wintry Flavors

Everyone knows that Tuscany is full of culinary gems, but what’s the best way to experience these Tuscan delicacies? With a food tour of course! There’s no better way to learn about a region you’re visiting than by tasting local foods and drinks. With our Florence Food & Aperitivo Tour, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Sip on an aperitivo, wander the vibrant Storico Mercato Centrale, and savor delicious market specialties. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, we recommend one of our best cooking classes in Tuscany, where you’ll be taught by a local professional chef how to create a range of Tuscan dishes.

Taste Tuscany Like a Local

Where to stay in Florence in Winter

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Choosing the right hotel is very important for a cozy winter retreat. Choose from our list of fine Florence hotels to find the perfect accommodation for you. Whether you prefer a historic boutique hotel or something more luxurious, our great selection has something for everyone.

Experience a Florence Winter With Us

Florence Italy in the winter is filled with excitement and adventure without any of the hassle. As long as you come well-prepared and know what the weather holds, you’ll have an unforgettable winter in Italy. Plan your winter escape to Florence with us so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Tours like our Florence Food & Aperitivo Tour will satisfy your cravings while our Horseback Riding Tour in Chianti Tour will leave you breathless.

Less crowds promise a serene atmosphere that’s reserved all to yourself. Enjoy rich sites with our Florence day tours, and Florence package tours, and stay in a beautiful Florence hotel.

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