Informative Map of Florence

Florence may not be the capital of Italy but it’s certainly a well-deserving contender. The city is filled to the brim with natural beauty, fascinating history, and unique architecture. This informative map of Florence will ensure you are well-prepared for your visit. We highlight not only the best sites in Florence but also provide interactive, explorable maps of the best hotels, restaurants, and bars. Use our maps to help you find your bearings in one of Italy’s most beautiful cities!

Florence’s most famous attractions:

Florence Duomo Attractions Guided Tour

As the standout city of Tuscany, Florence has so much to offer. From spectacular buildings to pizza-making classes, there is an abundance of things to see and do. It can be difficult to plan your days around the many attractions located all over the city. For this reason, we recommend a guided tour of Florence. All of our tours include an expert guide who will escort you around the city and teach you fascinating insights about the sights. There’s even a historical food tour that will take you on a tasting journey through traditional Tuscan cuisine. If you’d still rather do it yourself, use this interactive map of the main attractions to help you map out your itinerary. For an extra magical experience, make sure to schedule a nighttime stroll through the city!

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Map of Florence’s top-rated restaurants:

Florence restaurants streets food

No Italian visit would be complete without a food sampling or two! Make sure to prepare ahead of time and note where the city’s top-rated restaurants are located. It might also be worthwhile browsing through our handy Florence restaurant guide. Book reservations in advance to avoid disappointment!

Map of Florence hotels (top-rated, 3-5 stars)

You’ve booked the flights to Florence but now you’re left with the overwhelming challenge of booking accommodation. A good approach to this is selecting a hotel based on its proximity to certain spots. This interactive map will help you to visualize your options and make the right choice for you. If you know which Florence neighborhood you want to be based in but having trouble selecting a suitable accommodation, this guide will assist you in narrowing it down. If it’s all the same to you, check out our list of recommended hotels in Florence!

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Map of top-rated bars in Florence

There’s no better way to end a day of touring Florence’s hotspots than with a refreshing beverage in a local bar. Florence’s Center has many great bars to visit, and we recommend checking out as many as you can. If time constraints are an issue, check out below which top-rated bar is near you! Alternatively, we selected our favorites for you to choose from.

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For more information on Florence and to understand what makes it such an incredible city, check out our in-depth Florence travel guide. If you’re still unsure how much time to spend in Florence, allow us to help you make that decision. Exploring Florence is just the beginning! Once you’ve ticked off all of Florence’s best attractions, there’s so much more to see beyond its borders. From trips to the Tuscan countryside to Cinque Terre’s quaint villages, our guided tours from Florence will transport you to the best spots in the region!