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The Best Time to Visit Italy

When thinking about the best time to visit Italy, you have to consider what you’re looking for from your vacation. The country has a distinctly Mediterranean climate, meaning it’s hot in the summer and cooler and wetter in the winter. But the winter has its own charms, with snow-covered mountains, hiking and skiing opportunities as well as quieter city breaks. Our range of hotels across the country means whenever you visit, you’ll be guaranteed to be supremely comfortable – so be sure to check them out!

Spring in an Italian City

The best time to visit Italy 2

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Italy. The temperatures in Italy in MarchMay are temperate; up to 61-75 degrees (16-24 Celsius) in Rome and Naples, and warmer if you venture further south. Rainfall is minimal and sunshine days are frequent. There are some Spring festivals not to miss. On Easter Sunday in Florence, there is the Scoppio del Carro – or ‘exploding cart’. A huge cart full of fireworks and pyrotechnics is set alight right in front of the Duomo church. A spectacular sight indeed. Spring is also a great time to visit Rome – check out our 2 day Rome itinerary – thanks to the quieter streets and comfortable climate.

A Relaxing Italian Summer

The best time to visit Italy Summer

The Italians take sunbathing very seriously, maximizing the summer months from June – August. On August 15th, Italy’s summer vacation officially begins, making it the best time to visit its coastal regions. You could spend a week in Sicily with its beautiful beaches, great food, and charming hilltop villages. Or you could visit Cinque Terre, five stunning coastal villages close to Pisa in Tuscany. Another option could be to head to the Tuscan countryside, where rolling hills, quaint old villages, and food and wine await. The Best of Tuscany 3 Day Tour from Florence introduces you to all the summertime pleasures of a beautiful Tuscan city. Temperatures in Italy hit up to 88 degrees (31 Celsius) so this is the season to take things slow, chill out and unwind.

Fall in the Cities and the Vineyards

Italy vineyards

Wine is seriously important to the Italians, both culturally and economically. And Fall is the best time to visit vineyards and wineries thanks to it being wine harvest season (September-October). Fall runs roughly from September to November in Italy and temperatures all around the country are very pleasant at this time of year; between 63 and 81 degrees (17-27 Celsius) is not uncommon. And city breaks at this time of year are very pleasant thanks to the mild temperatures and fewer visitors. You could kill two birds with one stone; visit Rome and throw in a Frascati wine tasting and vineyard tour at the same time. Or head to Puglia and Salento to catch this off-the-beaten-path coastal region in pleasant temperatures. You’ll enjoy local wine tours, tours of charming UNESCO towns, and more in its perfect autumn weather.

Winter in the North

Italy Winter

Winter is a perfect time to visit the north of Italy, thanks to its mix of picturesque snow-capped mountains and quieter city breaks. Head to South Tyrol & the Dolomites for picturesque winter wonderlands, skiing, and cozy atmospheres. Temperatures elsewhere in Italy between December – February can still be pleasant; you can see temperatures as high as 57 degrees (14 Celsius). Winter is a great time to visit Venice – check out this Best of Venice & Venice Islands 2 Day Tour. It’s quiet but can still be warm and much is still open (apart from the first 2 weeks after January 6th, when many venues shut for vacation). And just imagine Christmas in an Italian winter wonderland such as Milan or Verona. Christmas is a big deal in Italy so you’ll be sure to find plenty to see and do in these cities during this time.

Visiting Italy Whatever the Season

The best time to visit Italy

Italy is one of those countries that take your breath away, whatever season you decide to visit. Although many people choose to visit in the pleasant Spring and Fall months, Summer and Winter certainly have their charms too. For example, Florence in the winter offers unique and magical experiences as well as smaller crowds.

To make the most out of your time in Italy, we have a huge range of tours and packages in many of the major cities and hidden gems too. For example, try our 9 Day Best of Italy Tour Package – Venice, Florence Tuscany & Rome for an overview of the country’s most popular cities. Alternatively, if you have a few extra days, book our 14-Day Italy Tour Package for a two-week whirlwind journey across some of the country’s best highlights. If you’re a foodie, you’re sure to love the 13-Day Italy Food and Wine Journey, where you’ll eat and drink your way through Italy’s most iconic gastronomy and wine regions. From wine tasting to sightseeing, you’re sure to find something that suits you year-round, no matter what you like and when you choose to visit!

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