How to Get From Rome to Venice

Rome and Venice are arguably the two most popular Italian cities. From the Colosseum to the Grand Canal, their iconic landmarks and unique settings draw people in from all over the world. Unfortunately, with Rome in the central west and Venice in the northeast, it can be challenging to navigate the 530km between them. Here, you can find all your options for traveling between these cities, and decide which works best for you.

Best Way to Get from Rome to Venice: Join a Tour

Rome to Venice tour

It’s a no-brainer that booking a guided tour is the best way to navigate between Rome and Venice and maximize your time. You’ll have all the logistics taken care of, and you can relax knowing a team of travel professionals is behind you. Tourist Italy offers numerous packages which include travel between these two cities, guided tours, and accommodation.

One example is our Venice from Rome 3 day tour package. This includes a high-speed train ride from Rome to Venice, accommodation in Venice, a walking tour, and a gondola ride. Alternatively, our 7 day tour package will guide you through all the best sights in both cities and add Florence to the itinerary. For the foodies and winos, we highly recommend our 13 day food & wine journey. This is our ultimate tour package, taking you to Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Florence, and Milan in search of the best Italian cuisines and wines.

Other Ways to Get from Rome to Venice

Roma Termini Bus Train Station

By Bus

Taking the bus between Rome and Venice may be the cheapest route, but the large distance between the cities means this bus journey stands at 7 hours. Those undeterred by this timing should note the two different service providers who operate this route – Itabus and Flixbus. 

Both companies have buses that leave five times a day from Rome Tiburtina Largo Mazzoni. One-way tickets cost 39 euros on average, influenced by the time and date traveled. Although it is possible to buy last-minute tickets onboard, we recommend booking in advance online or over the phone to secure your place.

By Train

Italy is known for its efficient train services and comfortable carriages, making the Rome to Venice train a strong option. The train from Rome to Venice takes approximately 4 hours, departing from Roma Termini station multiple days a day and arriving at Venice Train Station. Four companies operate this line: FrecciaRossa, Italo, Intercity, and Italiarail. One-way tickets are priced at an average of 50 euros, depending on the time and date chosen. 

It’s also worth highlighting again our Venice from Rome by Train 3 Day Tour Package which includes high-speed round-trip train tickets. For self-service booking, tickets can be purchased online or at the station. 

By Car

If you’re looking to drive from Rome to Venice, we recommend renting a car. One can book a taxi but the 6-hour journey duration makes it an expensive option. Before renting a car, do some research to ensure it is a reputable company offering safe and quality vehicles.

By Air

ITA Airways, Etihad Airways, and MEA all offer direct flights from Rome to Venice. The average flight duration is 1 hour and 10 minutes, departing from Rome Fiumicino or Rome Ciampino. Although this is a shorter trip than taking the train, extra time will be needed to navigate through the airport. It’s also worth noting that flying is often a less comfortable and more expensive option.

Private Transfers

Consider booking a private transfer for a stylish and luxurious journey from the eternal to the floating city. With experienced drivers, small groups or individuals can enjoy a stress-free and efficient trip directly from their starting point to the destination. Although it is a pricier option, Tourist Italy also offers private tours for those seeking a quiet, comfortable, and informative experience.

Whatever the Way From Rome to Venice, Tourist Italy is by your side

When you book one of our tours, we guarantee your safe arrival and enjoyment throughout. Even if you choose to do the journey from Rome to Venice alone, we’d still love to welcome you on one of our Venice tours. Our most comprehensive day tour is our Best of Venice Small Group Walking Tour, while our most popular Venice tour package is our 4 day Venice city break which includes Venice accommodation and a jam-packed itinerary. 

Whether you opt for a guided tour, a train, bus, car, or plane, we’re here to ensure you have an unforgettable Italian experience. Our comprehensive Venice travel guide will provide you with all the information you need. From accommodation suggestions to sample itineraries, our Venice travel resources are there for you.

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