Informative Map of Sicily

Sicily is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. The region is filled to the brim with natural beauty, fascinating history, and unique traditions. This informative map of Sicily will ensure you are well-prepared for your visit. We highlight not only the best sites to see but also provide interactive, explorable maps of the main Sicilian spots: Palermo, and Taormina. Use our map of Sicily to help you find your bearings on Italy’s largest island!

Map of Sicily’s most famous attractions

Sicily is famous for its numerous landmarks and landscapes, all of which we have highlighted in the map below. These include one of the world’s most active volcanoes Mount Etna and the UNESCO World Heritage Site at The Valley of Temples. It’s also highly worth paying a visit to one of the best beaches in Sicily. Isola Bella Beach or Mondello Beach, for example, both boast outstanding natural beauty. A visit to Sicily is not complete without a taste of its unique cuisine and wine. For this, we strongly recommend a Sicilian wine-tasting tour and a Sicilian food tour where you can taste locally-approved favorites. Our multi-day Sicily package tours include all the top things to do in Sicily, helping you avoid the planning process altogether!

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Map of Palermo, Sicily

Palermo Map City View Tour

Explore the stunning architecture and history of Palermo by visiting iconic landmarks such as the Palermo Cathedral, Norman Palace, and the catacombs of the Capuchin Monastery. Delve into the vibrant street markets, such as Ballarò and Vucciria, to experience the city’s bustling atmosphere and savor authentic Sicilian street food. Take a stroll through the picturesque streets of the historic center, admiring the beautiful baroque buildings and charming squares like Quattro Canti. Finally, immerse yourself in Palermo’s rich cultural heritage by visiting world-class museums like the Palazzo dei Normanni and the Palazzo Abatellis. Once you’ve examined this map of Sicily, our comprehensive Palermo travel guide will provide you with any extra information you need about Palermo.

Palermo attractions

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Map of top-rated bars in Palermo, Sicily

Map of Taormina, Sicily

Taormina Map Tour Attractions

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Taormina by visiting the ancient Greek Theater, offering stunning views of Mount Etna and the Mediterranean Sea. Explore the charming streets of the historic center, lined with boutique shops, cafés, and restaurants. Don’t miss the iconic Corso Umberto, the main thoroughfare. Relax on the beautiful beaches of Isola Bella or take a cable car up to Castelmola for a panoramic view. Immerse yourself in Sicilian culture by visiting the medieval Palazzo Corvaja or indulging in local cuisine at traditional trattorias. Finally, explore the stunning gardens of Villa Comunale, boasting vibrant flowers and serene pathways. Our full Taormina travel guide will provide you with further recommendations and is the perfect companion to this map of Sicily.

Map of Taormina attractions

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Map of top-rated bars in Taormina, Sicily

If you’re impressed by this map of Sicily and the region’s selection of attractions but feeling slightly overwhelmed, check out our one-week Sicily itinerary. This recommended schedule will help you to maximize your time on the island and tick off the main highlights. Alternatively, book one of our Sicily package tours and let us all do the work for you!

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