Types of Italian Restaurants: Ristorantes, Osterias, & More

In Italy – the land of cannoli, pasta, and pizza – dining is not only a necessity, it’s a cherished form of art. However, with so many different types of Italian restaurants, each with its own name and purpose, it’s hard to differentiate one from the other. At some point on your Italian trip, you’ve likely wondered what is the difference between a Ristorante and a Trattoria. Or you might be confused about how an Enoteca differs from an Osteria. This guide will help you determine where to eat a lavish dinner, grab a quick bite on the go, or nurse a glass of fine wine. Let’s break down the many types of Italian restaurants so you’ll know where to enjoy your next dining experience.

1. Ristorante

piedmont restaurant main street italy

A Ristorante is the most classic type of Italian restaurant where you can expect to be seated by a hostess and be waited on. Menus are handed to you and oftentimes a sommelier – or wine expert – will suggest wine pairings for your dish of choice. At a Ristorante Italiano, dining etiquette and casual-chic attire are appreciated as the ambiance caters to a welcoming, yet sophisticated crowd. If you’re in Rome on the hunt for an iconic Roma Ristorante, check out our list of the best bars in Rome. For an overview of the wine scene in Italy, this Italian wine guide will help you understand Italian vino.

2. Osteria

An Osteria is a cozy wine bar that reflects the heart and soul of local Italian culture. The dishes served in an Italian Osteria are light and easy, meant to complement your drink order. Typically, there aren’t menus on offer here, although some touristy spots will provide them. Many locals will stop here to enjoy an evening aperitivo with simple snacks before continuing somewhere else for dinner. Consider taking our Verona Food & Wine Walking Tour, where you’ll be led through the romantic city streets, visit an authentic osteria, and indulge in the magic of Verona.

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3. Enoteca

Rosticceria types of restaurants in italy

One look at the restaurant types in Italy and you’ll likely be googling ‘What is an Enoteca?’ soon after. An Enoteca is similar to an Osteria, except the focus here is on the wine rather than the cuisine. An Enoteca Italia is where wine selections from various regions take center stage, like Tuscany and Sicily. Though food is a secondary emphasis, a visit to an Enoteca is still invigorating, often likened to a journey through Italy’s vineyards. With a sommelier or a knowledgeable host guiding you across rich flavor palates, you’ll step into a sensory world.

Of course, you can certainly explore real Italian vineyards too with our Sicilian Coastal Food & Wine Tasting Tour. Browse our extensive Tuscan wine tours to find the perfect vino adventure for you. You can also read up on our Tuscan food guide and best bars in Florence to brush up on the region’s culinary gems.

4. Trattoria

Trattoria types of italian restaurants

A Trattoria restaurant is often a family-run establishment that showcases home-cooked Italian meals. An Italia Trattoria is where Nonna’s recipes are lovingly passed down, and a homely ambiance fills the air. It’s here where locals gather to savor seasonal foods, share stories over unpretentious wine, and while away a lazy afternoon. These smaller eateries are often adorned with wooden furnishings and family photos, promising an inviting atmosphere.

Dive into the world of traditional wine flavors with this Rome Wine Tasting Tour, an exclusive adventure that will leave you thirsty for more. After touring the Roman countryside and gaining insider tips, sample remarkable wines. Check out this Rome food and wine guide and ultimate Rome guide to better prepare for your next trip to the Eternal City.

5. Pesceria

pesceria types of italian restaurants

Though not quite a restaurant, a pesceria – or ‘fish market’ – caters to an array of fish caught earlier in the day. With the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Ligurian, and Ionian Seas gracing Italy’s coastlines, this country is no stranger to fine seafood. Some pescerias will have top-rated restaurants lining the market, boasting hefty catches and delicious cuisine. To fully immerse yourself in the bustling Pesceria fish market scene, join our Ligurian Fish Cooking Class & Market Tour where a local guide will provide you with the ultimate insider experience.

6. Tavola Calda

Tavola Calda is Italy’s answer to fast food – with an upscale twist. Translating to “hot table,” this is where you can indulge in a diverse range of ready-to-eat dishes. From crispy arancini to warm slices of pizza al taglio, Tavola Caldas is a treasure trove of deliciousness. These types of Italian restaurants are the lifeblood of bustling Italian cities, serving up hot, fresh bites on the go.

7. Rosticceria

Not unlike a Tavola Calda, a Rosticceria also promises savory delights that cater to those on the move. However, a Rosticceria provides more slow-cooked roasts and ready-made meaty options. Whether you’re hunting for a delectable porchetta sandwich or a quick slice of meat pie, Rosticcerias are made for you. Here, every bite is infused with great taste that caters to your convenience without compromising on impeccable flavors.

8. Pizzeria

Likely the most recognizable from this list is the Italian pizzeria: a standard eatery where pizza is made and served. While Naples may be the birthplace of pizza, Rome is known to have some of the best pizza in the world. Step into a corner pizzeria and await a Roman-style slice – square, easy-to-digest, and so satisfying. This Roman pizza cooking class will teach you how to make one of these delicacies on your own with the help of a local chef. If the pizzeria has left you wanting to experience Rome’s broader culinary scene, look no further than this Rome food tour.

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Italy will always be home to great food and even better people. But before visiting, it’s worthwhile researching the different types of restaurants in Italy, so you can easily find what you’re after. Whether you choose a Ristorante, Osteria, Trattoria, or Pizzeria, it’s sure to be memorable. For the most authentic culinary experiences, try a guided tour or Italian cooking class with local experts. Our Italy food tours promise culinary treasures at every step and delightful tastes with every bite. We’ll handle the logistical part, so you don’t have to. Learn how to choose an Italy food tour and all about Italy’s food culture. Sit back, relax, and get ready to feast.

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