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Wine Travel In Italy: An Insider Guide

Wine, travel, Italy – three words that belong together. Imagine this; you’ve checked into your Italian hotel and you head out for apero time in a crumbling old pizzeria. The sun is setting, children are playing around the fountain in the middle of the square. Their parents are watching their children and the world go by, with a bottle of wine and a snack or two. Friends join them. More snacks arrive along with more wine and more conversation. This is Italy’s wine culture. Here’s our insider guide to Italy’s wine scene.

Italian Wine Has Incredible Diversity

vineyard wine varieties italy culture

When listing Italian wines, many people don’t go much further than Barolo, Chianti, Prosecco, and Brunello di Montalcino. But Italy has an incredible 2000 native grape varieties, some making wine to rival the best in the world. There are over 20 major grape-growing regions in Italy which means that wherever you are, you’re not going to be far from someone making something incredible.

Italy Is Leading The Way For Organic, Biodynamic And Natural Wines

Vineyard Wine Italy

If you like your wine with a little bit less manipulation, Italy is the place to visit. Organic wines are those made without synthetic chemicals in the vineyard. Biodynamic wines use herbal treatments and vineyard and winery processes are timed with lunar cycles. Natural wine doesn’t have an official definition but is widely considered to be wine made with close to no manipulation at all. All are considered to be better for your health – and potential hangover!

Italy Makes Wine To Pair With Food

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It’s almost inconceivable to an Italian that you would drink Italian wine without Italian food – in this country, one doesn’t come without the other. To allow the wine to stand up to the strong flavors of regional Italian cooking, the wines here are often made with a high level of acid and tannin (the drying sensation you find in many reds). Classic combinations include steak Florentine with Chianti, pesto, and pasta with Gavi, Venetian cicchetti (the Venetian form of tapas) with Prosecco and couscous al pesce with Sicilian Catarratto.

Best Areas For Wine In Italy


tuscany italy wine tours vineyards

Tuscany’s famous rolling hills and bucolic scenes make some of Italy’s famous wines. Think Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Made from the Sangiovese grape and designed to pair with local meat dishes, all are robust, hearty reds. These include pici – thick lengths of pasta in a ragu sauce. There is also the stunning San Gimignano which is famous for its crisp white Vernaccia de di San Gimignano.


piedmont wine regions variety tours

The northern area of Piedmont makes some of the most premium red wines in Italy. The Nebbiolo grape variety is responsible for Barolo and Barbaresco, with its subtle strawberry, rose, and spice flavors. Another notable grape variety from this region is Barbera, which makes black-fruited full wines. And don’t forget Dolcetto which is a lighter, violet, and red-fruit-flavored wine. But if you prefer something fruitier, the sweet sparkling wines of Moscato D’Asti pair perfectly with fruit-flavored desserts. These vineyards are located just a thirty-minute drive away from Turin, offering the perfect day excursion.


sicily wine tours vineyards

Sicily makes a whole host of wine styles. Like fiery Mount Etna that is responsible for smoky reds from the Nerello Mascalese grape. The region’s deeply flavored meat dishes pair great with Nero D’Avola the most famous grape from Sicily which creates a dark, spicy, full-bodied red. Sicily is also home to local white grape varieties like Grillo and Zibibbo, all of which match the region’s seafood perfectly.


Veneto wine tour venice

When it comes to variety, the prize must surely go to Veneto which spreads across the North-Eastern part of Italy. In the hills just above Venice lies the sparkling Prosecco region. And Valpolicella makes a whole raft of reds including the famous Amarone Della Valpolicella.

Visit A Winery

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Visiting a winery is undoubtedly the best way to learn about wine travel in Italy. Therefore, we have several Italian wine-tasting tours that allow you to do just that. You’ll learn not only about the history but also how wine has weaved its way into every Italian household, and into Italian culture itself. With over 20 wine-making regions, all of your wine travel dreams will be fulfilled in Italy. You are never more than a car ride away from a world-class wine experience.

Wine and Dine With Tourist Italy

Whatever you do, don’t forget to pair your drink with the most delicious Italian dishes. That’s what any true Italian would do. The best way to do so is by booking an Italy food tour which caters to your specific preferences. Eager to taste all these amazing wine options? Check out our list of the 10 best wine tours in Italy. These include excursions in and around Milan, Bonassola, Taormina, Rome, Palermo, and many other beautiful locations. Thinking of a place to lay your head after a full day of Italian food and wine? Consider staying in one of the most beautifully designed hotels in Italy.

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